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anyone ever ordered from JD candle supply?

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I ordered from CC Candle Supplies 2 weeks ago & my order still says processing. They are the only site I can find that has a good selection of powdered candle dyes.:sad2: I looked to see if they had anything about them on ripoffreport.com before I ordered. They will have a ripoffreport from me soon if they don't at least answer my second email. I think we should all file ripoffreports on them.

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I have ordered from Brighter Scents twice in the last three months and both experiences were very good. From the day I placed the order to the day UPS delivered was two weeks, both orders, which is much long than most of my other suppliers but I had read they take longer and was prepared. Hard to put a number on it but I would say 70% of the oils are very good that I ordered. They had a 50% off their fragrance oils a few weeks ago and I ordered about 40 1 oz samples and the time before that I think I ordered about 15 1 oz samples.

I will say that I did send them an email about something and they never responded but it was not a critical question.

I've never heard of JD Candle Supply, sorry.

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