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Wick issue!

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Last nite I decided to test burn a 8oz mason jar(Cucumber Melon) that I made last week. I was pleased to see that it seemed to burn even with a good sized pool so I was happy~finally! Of course my happiness was short lived because today I lit the candle again to find that it seemed as if I was smelling wax in the air so I took a look and noticed that the wick looked like it had a bunch a clumpy back stuff on it. Where did I go wrong???? :confused:I used a ECO 10 6 inch wick that I purchased from Candlescience.

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Some wicks will mushroom more than others, which is why it's important to test a few different types so you can find one that you like the best. Some wicks will mushroom if the wick is too large for your application so you can try using a smaller wick. In other cases the wick will mushroom after burning for long periods of time.

I get mushrooming on my eco wicks when I burn them for along period of time.


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