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Just when I get comfy with soaping..Tonight I had / am having a panic attack.....

I have always weighed my butters in their..?solid? state, then just melted them down while the other oils were in there with them heating up...Well, I got in some Shea the other day, and they were packaged in ziplock baggies in pails...Well, tonight I wanted to melt them down outta the zippy bags to pour into the little pails directly..You know..neater than in the zippy bag...Well..I had/have ?? I guess ?? 3# of Shea...3pails/zippy bags..Well, of course (I say of course now..Cause duh, the lightbulb went off) Now I have 1 3/4 of the pails full..So of course, now I feel like an idiot!

Should I be weighing my butters for my soap in their "solid" state, or melt them down and then weight them? Was fixing to do another batch of soap tonight...But now I am like in a frenzy wondering if I been doing them all wrong....grrrrrr :(

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i don't see how it could matter? i guess i could be wrong (and i will probably go melt something just to make sure after this, lol) but i'm sure oils will weigh the same in their liquid and solid states.

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