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bath bomb lifespan??

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I can't use a bath bomb so I use my trusted guinea pigs-my 2 boys :) to give me feedback..

Thinking my 6yo didn't like colored water I refrained from putting a red bomb in his water until one day he asked for it..so I found a bomb my 12yo made about 5mos ago plopped it in the bath..and to my surprise it fizzed...

So it got me wondering...

I hear that THE best bath bomb is a freshly made one..how old is too old of a bomb?? I don't use water to make them...and just had them sitting on a ceramic plate for all these months..


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I'd say as long as the citric doesn't activate. I think those that might sit for about 6 months might not produce as much as fresh, but I don't have any to make a comparison to on that.

Keep in mind though that the baking soda is still going to eat away at the odor.

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I pulled some bath bombs out that, believe it or not, I made 4 years ago and they fizzed and whirled like crazy...no scent left though. I've read that using dendritic salt and/or adding some orrowroot (sp?) powder will preserve fragrance. I think I might order some and give it a try! Maybe it will extend the fragrance life some???

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