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My second attempt at Soy Candles :)

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Hey everyone!

I made my second batch of candles today... I made my first batch a few weeks ago and had a few issues.

1. Candles developed holes near wicks

2. Candle would light, but wick would drown out after about 20 min.

OK.. Now, I ordered some larger wicks and here's what I did this time:

I bought all my supplies from Candle Science

1. I am using EcoSoya CB Advanced.

2. I am using LX-26 Wicks this time, used LX-22 wicks first time so went 2 sizes larger

3. I am using the watermelon scent oil (YUMMY) and reddi-glow dye chips. 1 Dye chip and 1oz per pound of wax.

4. I am using one of the canning jars I purchased from same company and they measure 3.15" in diameter and 2 canning jars (pics included)

I followed the instructions exactly. I heated wax and added dye chips and FO when temp got to 185. I let the wax cool down to 125 this time then poured candles. The temp inside my house was approx 75 degrees when I poured the wax and I let the candles cool on my work surface.

This time I got no holes near wicks, and the tops are nice and pretty :)

I will wait until tomorrow night to do a test burn, I'm not as concerned about scent throw right now as I am to just keep the candle burning without the wick drowning out..lol..

These pictures are at about 6 hours after pouring.... So far so good!! :yay:




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Thanks scifichik!

That color is Cerise, and I really like it too for the watermelon scent! I gotta get more of that color.. I just ordered the sample pack, which gives you 5 dye chips for every color they offer.. You get a lot of colors to experiment with that way~!

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Your candles look nice. I just wanted to suggest that you try wicking one size container first and then work on the other two. Trying to wick too many may drive you crazy. Once you dial in one wick in one jar, the others will be a little easier.

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