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Would like Wick Suggestion...

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I am having some issues w/my candles sooting once they burn about halfway. The tops of my jars are turning black. Here's currently what I use...

8oz. Straight sided jar (3" diameter)

NG Wow Wax

NG FO 1oz PP

CD5 wicks and Zinc Core 51-32-18z (1 other type that came in a kit from soyscentsations? but not sure what they were)

Color usually 1 or 2 drops of liquid color (sometimes none or less)

I try to remember to extinguish, trim and re-lite when I see the wick getting a little long. I try to keep it at about 1/4".

I get a nice full melt pool in about 2.5-2.75 hours and the HT is really good. The flame looks right to me but it just starts sooting during the 2nd half of the burn. Does anyone have any suggestions of different wicks/sizes that might work better? Or is there something that I may be doing wrong? I've read that too much FO can cause them to soot but it seems like the majority stick to the 1oz. pp rule. I hate to cut it back and then lose the scent strength.

PLEASE!!!! ANY Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your expertise!

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Try the same wicks in the next smaller size. You should be able to burn for 3 or 4 hours without blackening the glass or needing to stop and trim the wick. If you are getting a full melt pool in less than 3 hours, you are probably not in danger of being underwicked at this point. So just wick down.

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