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Essential oil blends


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Thinking this could be a good sticky for us to have if we can get some participation. I know there are blends at rainbowmeadows.com, so please try not to repeat those blends just to repeat them (and there are several blends they don't have too.) I know that people don't like to share special blends either, but just in case you do ... it's here as an opportunity. Plus you can post your failures with a suggestion on what you'd do differently next time if you want. Let's just list the EO blends in terms of ratios, like 1:1 or 1:2 etc., or parts. Blends can include FOs, but need to include having an EO added to it. Please specify whose FO it is since they can vary from one supplier to another.

One of my favorites right now is:

1 part Lavender 42/40, 1 part Palmarosa

3 parts patchouli, 1 part cornmint (appears to be a toned down mint. Might drop that mint to 1/2 of a part or change mints next time.)

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