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Libbey 11oz Tumbler Wicking - C3 Soy

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If anyone has some insight on wicking this tumbler using C3 wax, I would love your experiences. Specifics:

Diameter: 3.125"

Height: 3.5"

Wax: C3

No Dye or Additives

6% FO Load (Tested Juniper Breeze, Asian Amber and Sage & Pomegranate all from CS)

I need to replace the current 10 oz tumbler I'm using with this one because it's being discontinued. I was using CD18 and 20's in the 10 oz but they're not working in the Libbey. I've been trying a bunch of different wicks hoping they would catch up but even after 3 burns I'm not cleaning the jar. This jar isn't that much bigger than the one I was using but much thinner so the actual opening is larger and it is cooling quicker.

So far I've tried:

HTP126, 1212

ECO14, 16

LX28, LX30

RRD50, RRD55

CD18, CD20, CD22

I called Candlewic and after telling them what I tried, they suggested a Square Braid #2 or #3 or Double-wicking. I'm just beginning testing with the #3 now I really don't want to double-wick this jar because I don't think it will look right.....

Any help would be very appreciated!!


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I use a CDN 14 in a 3" widemouth canning jar with C3. I can't imagine that you'd need to go up past a CDN 16... Dunno why the larger size CDs didn't work... I would suggest letting the testers burn all the way to the end. With larger diameter candles, it might take to the halfway point for the candle to catch up. Doesn't pay to be in a hurry with the big ones. ;) HTH :)

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Thanks Stella.....maybe I'll order some CDN's to test......where do you order yours? Do you think the CD numbers and CDN numbers are exactly comparable or does the coating on the CDN's make a difference in sizing?



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I have not matched every CD & CDN size for size side by side, but from what I've seen and others have reported, there isn't much difference. I get mine from JBN & WickIt... Candle Cocoon has some and perhaps others - if you do a search, other folks have mentioned where they get theirs, too. If you still have the CD 18 & 16, how far down into the container are they burned for how many hours and how much hangup is on the inside (photos are wonderful!)?

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