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Royalty Free Images Question

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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum so I wanted to say hello before I got started. So, hello! I have been making candles for about 4-5 years now, and my actual business is about 2 years old. The images that I usually use for my labels come from public image archives that allow for commercial use. The problem I sometimes run into is that the image I want is not available. So I look at sites like istockphoto, I can purchase a small pic for about 5 credits which isn't bad. But since I am putting the picture on my label and selling the candle, do I have to purchase the "Items for Resale" license? If I am reading correctly, the standard license doesn't allow for the image to be used on items that are going to be sold. The Image for Resale license is 125 credits, so do I have to spend around $150 just for one picture to use on my label? Thanks for the help!

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I looked into those images also. I think you can duplicate them up to 250,000 times or something along that line, and they can be used for packaging. I know I read in their disclaimer that you cannot use the image as a company logo.

I am not sure of the "Item for Resale" I think that may mean the image is the main part of the item being resold. But I would not think it would include using the image for repackaging. But I could be wrong.

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