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Tinted Lip Balms


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What can you put into lip balm to make it tinted? I want it to leave some sheer color on the lips...not like lipstick. Any help would be appreciated. I spend alot of money on buying these and can't ever find a shade I love...I want to make my own.

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Honestly, I am just thinking about ordering a kit, because they give you what you need, but it seems as though micas and oxides are both used in conjuction, so they must be both effective in coloring the lips. How's that for a major run on sentence? My 4th grade teacher would be so proud, lol!

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may i suggest www.tkbtrading.com they have an enormous selection of cosmetic micas, pigments, etc?

minimum order is $20 but you can get a lot of samples for that. shipping is fast and the gal that answers the emails is always helpful with answers.

There is a co-op going on for TKB, you might want to check out. http://www.craftserver.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=13

They have colors already mixed in glycerin so you only have to measure by the drop. Very easy...

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