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Dollar Tree Status Type Jar & Glass Glow Container

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I poured up one of these yesterday to test using CS Glass Glow I wicked it with a CD 14 but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. Was wondering if anyone has wicked this jar & what wick you used?

I am going to dig the wax out & try another wick which I really, really, really hate to do. Did I say really hate? :laugh2:

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Hey Sandra! I am assuming you are talking about the 3" diameter container... I use a CDN 12-14 in that container in that wax with 1 oz. FO/PP. The wick treatment on CDNs vs. CDs may make a difference in the wicking. You could try a CSN - those are treated, too.

Unless you have tested that container all the way to the end, you cannot tell at this point. Palm wax burns down, then out. It is typical that the container sides do not "clean off" until the last third of the candle; otherwise the container becomes too hot. HTH :)

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Sample packs at JBN are the most economical way to try them. The shipping isn't bad - from Dallas area, it's probably less to you in AR than here in SE LA... :) Candlescience has CSNs, which they recommend for Glass Glow.

I am going to dig the wax out & try another wick which I really, really, really hate to do. Did I say really hate?
Melt it in the oven and repour, but FIRST, burn that one all the way down... I think it is probably just looking like it's tunnelling to you which it isn't - this is palm wax and it behaves differently. Read some of the other palm wax threads and look at the photos of how it burns. ;) Edited by Stella1952
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Thank you so much Stella. I'm going on my 3rd burn on this & it's not anywhere near the edges yet. I ordered some CDN's from Candle Cocoon hopefully they will be here tomorrow.

I'm going to go ahead & keep burning this one. I've burned palm before and know it tunnels but this one isn't even 2" in diameter yet. We will see. Thanks so much for your help & quick answers. :cheesy2:

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I don't use CDs except in votives, so I cannot be sure of how the larger sizes react with the wax. CDNs have always performed very well for me in palm waxes.

this one isn't even 2" in diameter yet
It just so happens that I've been burning a couple of layered GG containers (same ones we've been discussing) scented with Cherry Almond (dyed red) and peppermint (dyed white). I finished the first one down to the bitter end last week and lit a new one this past weekend. The spent one did not clean the sides of the jar until the last quarter of the container, which was fine with me 'cause I like how the candle looks glowing through the hangup. On the one I lit this weekend - since I wasn't testing, I can't tell you how many hours I have on it, but I have lit it twice. I tend to burn these for LONG hours when not testing... :embarasse Measuring from the lip of the jar, the candle has burned down 2 1/8". The MP is exactly 2" in diameter The wax at the top is beginning to melt down a little on one side. This one is burning exactly like the previous one and I expect I'll be enjoying the glow through the hangup until the last quarter of the jar.

Moral of the story: Burn it all the way down!


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Just for grins...

Here's the end of the stripey candle in the previous post. I was really peeved that I had to extinguish it before it cleaned the glass, but I had to leave the house and couldn't leave it burning... Had I been able to continue, the sides would have completely cleaned and I would have gotten another few hours of burn time.

The amount of wax left on the glass is sooooo thin... you can almost see through it in places. I tried to fire it up again, but when one is burned down this far, once extinguished, it won't relight again... Ah well, all good things come to an end... It was a GOOD candle! :)

PS Despite being completely liquid at the end, the container remained cool enough to comfortably hold when I carried it from my bedroom to the table for its last photo. ;)




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