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non gelled soap came out of the mold sooner than gelled soap


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I have only prevented gel 3 times and once in those three times I got partial gel..grr!!

so today I soaped and put my mold outside..it was about 45 degrees out today.

I did this mainly because where I normally put it was right in front of a vent and caused a slight overheating issue-nothing drastic ..

so to see what would happen I took my lid off my mold-I have a wooden mold..and with cling wrap on it placed it outside..

I did this since I am wanting to work on my textured tops I am seeing if the lid makes a difference or not..I hate to work on my tops and have partial gel..grr!!

anywho..my soap was hard and ready to pop out of the mold at about 12 hours..where as my gelled soap usually takes about 24hrs..


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The cold will do this I believe. When I recently soaped I took my soap out of my molds in 12 hours too and I had mine setting up up my cold garage. When people are making goats milk soap they place it in the fridge or freezer to prevent it from gelling.

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