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Mixing Palm wax with ?

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There is no advantage to adding soy or paraffin to palm wax.

When people discuss adding soy to palm wax, they are generally looking to change the crystal pattern somewhat or to soften the palm wax (which is extremely hard and brittle). You'll have to do your own testing to discover what percentages create the patterns you are seeking.

In the case of soy, it can often be improved by adding a small percentage of palm wax to it. I dunno about adding it to paraffin 'cause I don't mess with paraffin.

If you want to experiment, nothing is gonna explode if you do so, but my best suggestion is to learn how to work with palm wax first before you worry about mixing another wax with it. ;) HTH :)

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When I first started.. I started with Palm, and I found I could add up to 10% soy without changing the crystal structure of the Palm Wax without it being noticeable. As Stella mentioned, I did it mostly to soften the wax a bit.

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