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Where do you get your labels and how do you get your words/pic/stuff on them? I have no clue on labels. What should I be looking for? Is there kinds that don't stick well? I hear people talking about the various sizes and stuff but how would you obtain them?

And where can i buy cello bags of various sizes to wrap up my candles (was thinking of putting the candle in the bag and tying it with something fancy on top)? What type of plastic was the one that sucks up the FO?

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I order my labels from planetlabel or through the co-ops. I go to staples and get different sizes to try just to see if I like them or not. I use Avery DesignPro to create the labels, its free, just download from the Avery site.

For the baggies I get mine from Nashville wraps. You want polypropylene bags, polyethylene (sp) sucks out the FO.

Hope this helps some! :)

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