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Dumb question


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I just purchase a company and they had alot of essential oils and not sure if these are safe for candle wax of is it for soap or whatever. The company name of the bottles are essential oils.org Went to the web site and I have no idea what they are talking about.

Can someone help this dummy what I can use these for.

Example of the oils:

Roman Chamomile Hydrosol

Code: AnthemisNobilis2

Part: Herb

Method: Steam distillation

Orgin: USA

Class: Water

Peppermint Oil

Code: MenthaPiperital

Part: Flowing Herb

Method: Steam distillation

Orgin: India

Class: Monotetpenal

If misspelled, I can not see the small writing.

Can anyone explain this to me?

Thank you!

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That's all referring to how they extracted the essential oils.

The 'code' is the scientific name of the plant.

Steam distillation, is the most common way of extracting the oils.

Origin refers to where the plant grew.

I think 'class' is the medium they used during the distillation process. ( I think. )

They make these oils, basically, by squeezing the plants and boiling them, at the same time.

Here is some more info.

Not sure which ones are safe for candles.

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The hydrosol you can't use in candles. It's basically a flower water. A fragrant by-product of chamomile EO extraction. It can be used for making soap and other B&B products. You can sub it for water in your soap or B&B applications.

The pepperming EO can be used in candles, soaps or B&B. It's an essential oil so candles made with it the scent could dissipate over time. But some of the "all natural" candle makers like to use EOs for their candle scents and peppermint is moderately priced and strong smelling enough that you could.

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