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Candles don't have enough scent!

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I made a whole bunch of candles but they just don't have enough scent. Can I re-melt them and add additional scent? If so, what is the process for this. I use GB444 Soy Blend.

Let me know, thanks.

Also, I have noticed a bunch of frosting on top, is there a better wax to use than what I am using?

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I used to use 402 but in the last few months changed to 444.I like it.Good throw. Really can't tell much difference but get the 444 cheaper than what I paid for the 402. One reason I changed.

With the 444 I get small sink holes around the wick. With the 402 I get a ruddy look at the top of the jar.I use a heat gun to smooth both problems out.

How much FO do you use? I use 1 ounce FO to 1 lb of wax. With almost 100 fragrances I've never added more FO to my wax and people love my candles. :)


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One more thing. You might need to let them cure for a week or 2.I am anxious like you to burn my candles as soon as I make them.I find a few but not many need to cure. Wait a few days and test again before re-melting.


LynnS, I have the same problem as the OP. I use 464 instead of the 444, but I doubt the difference is related to that. May I ask at what temp. you heat to, add FO, and pour. I made several batches a week ago, and with testing I had very little throw on Peaks Amish Harvest, Spruce Tree, Vanilla Amber & Capp. Hazelnut. All these I believed to be excellent throwers...but not for me. I tested with RRD's and the rrd34 seems to burn well with FMP, no hangup, etc. Just no HT. Maybe someone can help the OP and me. TIA

P.S. I heat to 175*, add FO 1oz pp, & liquid dye from Peaks at 160-165 and poured at about 155. Had nice looking candles except the French Vanilla Amber frosted bad.

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You might also have candle nose. Especially the next day since your work area and even your whole house may be inundated with that scent or a combo of scents. I know that with some fragrances it's takes a day or two for the smell to dissipate meanwhile your olfactory sense has gotten numb to it.

I wouldn't scrap your candles and redo them before taking one out of the house and getting a second opinion.


P.S. A couple tbsp of coconut oil per lb of soy wax or a USA (universal soy additive) may help with the frosting.

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