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Black light candles?

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Hello everyone,

I want to make black light reflective candles. I know there's a dye or pigment that are neon colored and black light reactive. But it's advised that a minimal amount of it is used since it can clog wicks. Does anyone here has experience with these types of candles or pigments?

I also saw that there is granulated wax in neon color at Candlewic. They state it can be used to make pillars if melted...but I'm not sure what to try first. I'd love it if anyone could post pictures or info. Thanks in advance!!


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We made some of these several years ago - they turned out nicely. The most successful ones were layered pillars which had some UV pigments and some regular dyes. This was my favorite...


We made some votives that were UV pigments only, but they just weren't as pleasing as the layered ones. They also don't look as cool under the black light when lit as the layered. We still have the shells from this one and a smaller one made at the same time and they still look great with an electric tealight in them.

The pigment does clog wicks more, but not to the extent that the candles are unburnable! We used CDNs in ours, same as our other candles. I *think* we had to wick up one on the pillars... not totally sure as our data records from the first year were pretty p*sspoor... We just KNEW we'd remember, right?:rolleyes2:rolleyes2:rolleyes2

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Peak's has them...


So does BC...


They are easy to find - lotsa suppliers carry them. Just Google "Reddig-Glo Pigment Chips" and look for the sites that say "florescent" or "glows under black light..."

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