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is this reasonable?


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Just curious - As of last week, I've sold 47 container candles (large mason type) in 2 small shops (not real busy shops) since maybe the second week of September. The profits are just my casino money (lol), but is that a decent turn-around so far?

Holiday shopping is starting around here this weekend.

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I think the real question is--are you happy with the results? It only averages out to around 11 candles per store for the two months they were there.

If you like the results then do nothing, but if you want more money you've got to get your candles into more stores. Either that, or perhaps add more inventory to those stores. If your candles don't have a strong presence it will be hard to make an impact and drive up sales.

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What is your display like?

What does your product look like? i.e. are they just mason jars with lids and labels? Or are they dressed up at all.

You can sell a bad product with excellent marketing.

A excellent product won't sell without good marketing just because it's an excellent product.

But with an excellent product and excellent marketing you can clean house!!

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