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Coconut Oil?

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By quickly searching the forums, the answer is repeated along with information on specific amounts people use for specific waxes.

WalMart carries LouAna76 coconut oil (liquid at 76°F). Some suppliers, like JBN, also carry it. Many soap suppliers carry coconut oil. The amount used varies between 1/2 tsp. pp to more than 1 tablespoonful pp, depending on who's writing. Unless you have unrefined, organic, expeller-pressed coconut oil on your shelf, the normal stuff found in the grocery stores is fine for candlemaking. :)

Before using it, what issues are you trying to correct in what brand of soy wax?

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Thank You very much! I searched the forums before posting my thread but couldn't find any specifics about it....probally operator error on my part. I saw the stuff that JBN sells but wasn't sure if I had to get that particular kind or could just use any old coconut oil.

I think the oil I have will do. I am going to start working with GB 444 and then 464. I am currently working with ecosoya 135, and c-3...doesn't have that great of a throw at least from what ive tested, so I think I'll move on to Golden Brands again. I used to use 415 but was never completely satisfied, so i've been testing other waxes like a crazy mad scientist!

I'm also testing different tart waxes...don't think I'll need it for that wax though.

Thanks again!

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I was using htp 105 and cotton wicks in the c-3. So maybe that was my problem with the scent throw. I have only been using c-3 a few months. So maybe I'll try it with the different wicks and the coconut oil and compare it with the 444 and 464. I notice most people use the CD's or CDN's. I always thought CD and cotton were the same thing.

I gotta get cookin. My big craft show is in 4 weeks!

Thanks again for your help!

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