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anybody compare some NG and JS scents


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I am a fan of both of these suppliers. But I am wondering if anybody has tried the Harvest from JS and NG to see if they are similar. I was also wondering the same for the mulled cider that they both carry. The only one that I have tried is the JS Harvest and it is very good. Another comparison that I was interested in was Black Raspberry Vanilla that they both carry.

If anyone has experimented with other ones that could be compared, that would be also great information.


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I use Daystar's BRV. She purchased this from a supplier that went OOB...can't remember the name anymore.

Wonderful in candles and CP soap. Even with the vanilla my soap did not turn brown...just a little off white. I still have a small piece from a year ago and it looks exactly the same as the day I cut the soap.

The only other one I've tried is from C&S and I'm not impressed.

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