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Here we go, hot weather starting in Australia

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Well here we go into another summer and lousy natural wax candle weather.

As we do a blended soy / palm container wax, we are already starting to have some issues with the warmer weather. One of the shops that we supply obviously does not have great air conditioning and as a result some of our candles are starting to sweat / melt a little on the top layer.

Our options now are either to change our wax formulation to add some other type of palm to harden things up, of perhaps to use some palm stearic to see how that works.

For any of you guys who live in the hotter climates over there such as AZ, TX and the like, what do you do to get around this issue. Even if the store is well air conditioned, there is still the issue of storage here at home, which is not air conditioned.

Will adding 3% or thereabouts of palm stearic have the desired effect, and if so what can I expect from a burn perspective. yes I know I am going to have to retest everything, but would be nice to have some expectations to begin with.

Perhaps someone has some alternative suggestions as to how we can at least partially overcome this issue. Adding paraffin is not an option as we want to remain "natural"

Comments and suggestions will be extremely welcomed and appreciated.


Richard :(

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First off there is no flippen way I could live in AZ without AC. I really dont have a good answer to your question...maybe add more palm...but that may change your wicking.

We have been up in NM in a "cooler" climate this summer but last summer was spent in AZ and I didnt make candles in the summer...June July Aug months.

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Here in rural Hades, I use NatureWax C3. I don't EVEN expect it to not sweat or change crystal form if I do not keep the stock within a reasonable temp range during storage. Having said that, I test candles outside on my porch frequently (85°-95°F on any given day) and have little problem with sweating or crystal changes, but the candles are not covered there either. Using USA helps, as does tempering. I use 1 oz. PP of FO.

If adding a little more palm wax doesn't help, perhaps you could switch to a container palm wax for the warmer months. :)

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