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Is it a total loss???


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I was making a batch of soap yesterday and my friends called. I don't get to hear from them very often since they live in Romania. I was keeping an eye on my soap, but obviously not enough and it got to hot. (hindsight... should have just pulled from the heat until my conversation was finished, but I didn't) It did not set up good... the bottom of the bar is nice and firm, but the top has the gel on top. I ended up not putting a color or fo in this one knowing that it got to hot.

Is this one a total loss where I should just toss it, or do you think I could still use this one as chunks someday?

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I am just starting to play around adding additives so that could be. This was my recipe

1 lb white base

2 tsp palm stearic

2 T shea butter

Was it maybe to much shea butter... that was the only difference between my batch in the morning and this one. My morning one was perfectly fine (which is why I decided to start adding some other stuff)

I was going to try it again this afternoon.

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I don't usually put shea in my MP so I'm not sure if that's the problem. I have accidentally over loaded a batch with oil though and that's lead to some weirdness on the tops of my bars.

If you really want to try and salvage it, I would remelt it and add more MP (to see if it is a case of too much shea, maybe take just a small amount like 4oz of the gelled batch and then 4oz of un-shea'd MP and melt them together)

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I've never had my M&P gel. I never add more than 1 TBSP of butter to a lb of soap so I have no idea if that is too much.

If it were me, I would add more base and melt it down and see if it sets up. At the worst you can always chunk it up after that!

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