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confused about my wicking

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Please help me. :(I made two cranberry chutney scented candles with 4 oz. 4794 and 12 oz. C3. heated wax to 190 and poured at 150. I wicked the 8 sided 10 oz. jars with Eco 6 wicks. When I test burned the candle it just burned a hole down the middle.:angry2: I figured this meant that the wick was too small. I melted the candles in oven and poured into the same size jar but this time with Eco 10. I could not wait to burn them because I love this scent. Well the same thing happened again! What is the problem?:confused: I thought that this happened when your wicks were too small.:mad:I don't know what to try next can someone please help me out here.:sad2:Oh I also put 3 drops of burgandy dye in.

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I am not familiar with Eco wicks, but for that combo just an 8oz wide mouth jelly jar with no dye, but .5oz of fo I need to wick htp 126

the wide mouth jar has a 3" opening, and any of my bakery scents, no matter who I buy from require a larger wick in the c3 for me.

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