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Mixer for Red Currant?


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I have Red Currant from BCS and it just isn't popular in my neck of the woods! I noticed last night I still have almost a full pound bottle after a year, so I haven't even sold the first 2-pound batch I made of this FO.

Any ideas of anything to mix with it? Of course, I thought of vanilla because I haven't met a fruit yet that didn't play well with vanilla, but any other ideas?


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Cranberry or Spiced Cranberry and a little bit of vanilla or a sugar cookie.

Not sure what it would smell like. I have a test candle of Red Currant and just started putting it next to different candles and came of with the above thoughts.

Keep us posted on what you come up with and how it sells. Sometimes the best scents are the result of a mix with a fragrance oil that doesn't sell well!

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