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What kind of knife do I need to cut loofah soap?


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I've made loofah melt and pour in the past in a one of those tubes you buy at a hardware store (can't think of the name) and it was a nightmare to cut through the loofah. So then I resorted to precutting loofah into slices and then placing them in individual round molds.

This week-end I want to make CP ones and put the big long loofah in the round tube pour the soap over it and then cut it after it comes out of the mold.

What knife do I need to cut through this? I read something on a forum a long time ago about a knife with teeth on it or something.

How do you cut through loofah?

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I usually cut mine before putting it in the mold too and use a serated bread knife because it is the only thing that works on the loofah for me. I would say either try that or a big chef's knife (use that to cut my chunk loaves). I just picked up an inexpensive set of kitchen knives at Walmart to use while soaping so I have a variety. I do have to say that my favorite ones are my Santuko knives (have an indent pattern on the side of the blade) these make cutting the bulk soap blocks up SO much easier.

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