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gel-safe FO's?


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I know gel scents don't throw well to begin with, and then there are so few FO suppliers out there that carry any. Are there any scents from certain supplier that you found to do really well in gel?

lol-any input is appreciated. I'll be broke just ordering 1 oz. bottles everywhere! And there are a few that were so poor I had to sniff the gel a few times, wondering if I forgot to add my scent!


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Thanks Luci. That link goes to Rustic Escentuals/Aroma Haven, and before when I did gel, I used other supplies from RE. Maybe I can now order scents from the same place!

I can't beleive how much things have changed. There used to be gel forums, suppliers, all kinds of link! lol

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Actually, gel fragrances do very well in higher density gel. Remember, the density dictates how much fragrance you can safely add. The cheapest and most readily available gel(craft stores and such) can only handle a very light load. I have customers that can't believe how "potent" my candles are, because I use HP.:tiptoe:

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