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Hi guys, I need your help here especially from those of you who do multiple or larger fundraisers. I need to know where I can get extremely economical hex jars...I know CS has them pretty low but I am trying to avoid the middle man and get straight to the manufacturer to keep my costs down. Any help at all you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Do I have to go to China??? HELP!!! Anyone with tips on where to economically get 6006 igi wax would be helpful to!



Luminous Glow Candles

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Personally I wouldn't go straight to China :) It usually makes me nervous when people order from china because there are a lot of people who can scheme their way to your money and you cannot get it back..that being said...

(for the 9 0z) http://www.buywax.com (aztec international) has really good prices for their Hex Jars at $6.95 for 12 - it comes down to .58 cents a jar I believe also http://www.fillmorecontainer.com has them for even cheaper at $5.75 for a case so depending on shipping either of these companies would be good choices :D



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For the amount we are going to be purchasing, we found that CS has the best prices for us at .47 each but we were looking to cut that amount in half if we were to get it directly. Just was wondering if anyone knew or had any direct experience. We are looking at ordering approx. 2500 jars or so...Was just trying to get rock bottom pricing to increase my profit...Thanks for the help!! Anyone else have any ideas??

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Okay so I have a box that the hex jars came in and the bottom does say that they were made in Taiwan.

Although I have searched high and low online (I work overnights - it kept me busy) I have only run across the hex jars from :


hopfully somone else has had more experience with exporting like you said & can actually answer this but in case that does not happen you may be able to contact this company and see what the scoop is :D


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I use the hex jars as well and have looked for an overseas supplier in the past to save money, but most require a very very large minimum (like a truckload worth). We still get our jars from Candlescience since I order alot of fragrances and all of my wax from them and just order 96+ cases at a time for their best rate. I think in the future I'm going to stop using the hex jar altogether and switch to an anchor hocking container. I just started buying directly from them for my larger jars and it is much cheaper with the amount of jars we buy than from any other source.

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