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titanium dioxide


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Im going to go out on a limb here (by what i was taught in a soap class about 6 years ago)

Though T.D "may" contribute to cancer, in soap that is no likely to happen. If you get it from a reputable company like WSP or BB or TKB everything they sell has to be approved through the FDA and by it being aprroved it gives the go ahead to be used in your products with in reason.

I use T.D in my soaps but in a 5lb batch (at trace) I use 1 1/2tspn. Not a lot to make my soap pure white but enough so that i can add other colors for effect.

I really don't think you have to or need to worry about the cancer aspect of using it in your soaps b/c you are not using so much to cause that type of effect.

just my opinion to it of course there may be others who differ.

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I did a quick search to see what you were referring to. The potential issue is with breathing it. Inhaling a lot of mineral dust isn't ever really a good thing, so I'm not sure we need to be too surprised or alarmed. Some people out there work around a lot more TD than you and don't seem to be dropping dead, but don't go snorting the stuff. Once it's in the soap, it's not going to be inhaled.

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