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4630 with blackberry sage????

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hello all.....im new to the candlemaking experience and so far i have used 4786 and i liked it..in 4oz and 8 oz jj....2 1/2 in dia. with the cotton core from peak...c60.....but as i read from all its test test test....so i decided to get some harmony blend this time....4630......same jars...but this time i got lx14 wicks for the 4630...and with the blackberry sage the just burnt out so small you can hardly see the flame???? is it just the heavier fo or what???? i used .8 of pound wax...1 oz fo...15 drops of dye from hobby lobby...i know cheap stuff ...but all i have for now.....hope someone can give me any suggestions????maybe lx 12??8??and this happened in both 8 oz jj and 4 oz???with both wicks...c60 and lx14

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ill test somemore without dye and with diff size wicks.....but i appreciate everyones help....thank you...ive read that 4630 in 8 oz jj works great with lx14....i guess what works for others might not work for me????ill keep testing and happy burning to all....

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