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ISO of Dupe of YC bramble berry


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Or is it Berry Bramble??!! I used to love this fragrance. I found a supplier on Ebay and purchased what they called BB, it was not close:(

Is anyone familiar with this and do you have a source for a supplier??

Thanks in Advace,


P.S. Just found this site doing a google search for bramble berry, What a great place this seems to be!!

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Thank You Jess!

I pour candles myself and have always purchased from BCN.

I haven't ventured out much to shop around but I am trying to do a little more experimenting!!

I just used to love this fragrance and BC does not have a dupe for it.(that I know of). I do not sell candles (yet) but hope to one day!

I have done much testing over the past year with BC products but I live on the East Coast and shipping is killing me lately! I'm so afraid to purchase from somewhere else cuz' I found a formula I really like and works well for me and If I purchase my wax somewhere else closer, I'm afraid I'd have to test all over again!!

My friends and family members love my candles so hopefully I'll get up the nerve to sell some soon!!

Sorry for rambling..... If anyone else if familiar with this fragrance, can you please tell me if you have found a dupe that is pretty much the real thing?? I'll be eternilly grateful:)


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Thanks Carole!

I looked on their site and they seem to carry a lot of YC dupes which is great if they work..

The only down fall is that i live in CT and when I added a 4 oz sample of the Berry Bramble to my cart, they were going to charge me 11.70 to ship it YIKES!!

As I said before, I have always purchased my supplies from BCN.

I was reffered to them by a lady who poured candles and had went out of business. I purchased a whole bunch of her supplies ( pottery, jars, and molds) and she had said that her wax and scent was purchased from BC... I LOVE their fragrances, I use their 6006 wax currently and all other supplies come from them as well.

Shipping, especially on my wax is quite costly now for me and i would like to try and shop around for supplies closer to me.. I'm still in the stage of wondering if all of the re testing will be worth it or If I should just pay the price to stay because I know what I have works well.... I have to put some more thought into it...

I am by no means a candle expert here, but i have for over a year now been making some deliciously smellin' candles in the combo that I use!!

I see candlescience is closer to me and it seems that others here on the board think their fragrances are of good quality. They do not have berry bramble but I may sample thier clean cotton and mac apple.

Thanks Again Carole!

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