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Is it possible or am I just plain nuts?!

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Chances are I'm just crazy:pbut I have this idea that some FO throw better in certain waxes. For example, I made tarts using the KY parasoy for tarts, IGI 4641, and I also made them using palm wax (glass glow and feather). Used same amount of FO for all 4 waxes. The palm wax tarts have the best hot and cold throw. IGI 4641 smell decent, but nothing to write home about (haven't melted them yet). Made the tarts with KY parasoy a couple of days ago, and they smell very weak still - perhaps a longer curing time?

Used approx. 1.5oz. FO to one pound of wax.

Do you think my theory may be correct or am I just " full of it"?:confused:

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I have this idea that some FO throw better in certain waxes

That is not just an idea - it's a well-known fact. ;) That's why when folks can't seem to get good throw from a FO from one supplier, I encourage them to test the same oil from other sources. I have lots of FOs that work well in soy, but are so-so in palm and vice versa. :)

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