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Wick help! Glass bowl + EL Container Wax

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and have these glass bowls at home that i would like to try out.

Do you have any recommendation of wicks i should start testing with.

I appreciate any help you guys have for me.

Would you double wick this container?

Then I'm totally lost of where to start.

Wax I'm using is Echanted Lites Container Wax, no dye.

Thanks, Julia


H 2 1/2 inches, T 4 inches. 14.5oz

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A 4" container is difficult to single wick. You could try a CDN 22-24, but chances are, you may need to double/triple wick for best results. Big round bowls are the only containers I think actually look good with multiple wicks. I like 3 wicks in them but have no idea where to tell you to start... if I were triple wicking that one, I'd probably start with 3 CD 5s and go from there... HTH :)

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