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Though I have not actually smelt this fragrance - the reviews I read said that the citrus in the fragrance is a bit stronger then the florals.

In this I came up with a few suggestions - taking the thesaurus and finding other words for seduction...

Citrus Allure

Citrus Enticment

Zesty Blossoms

Searching for drinks made with Kiwi and Limes there is a brazilian drink which I personally haven't heard of called:

Caipirnha (ie; Caipirnha Blossom)

Though my guess is people would want to know what that was and how to pronouciate it :)

hth and I will be interested in seeing what others may have named this scent that actually have smelt it before :)


Also I saw this really cool tutorial (sorry cannot remember where now, or exsactly how..but maybe you can find it) on how to make Tie-dye candles with liquid colouring...possibly using two colours may help...green and orange seem to be a trend right now -

** if it does seem to have more of a floral to it - I just thought (after I stepped away from the computer) that you may be able to name it

"Girls Night Out" that seems to be a popular thing right now and might sell well as far as marketing goes :)

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