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Trying to resize these is a pain in the butt! I have plenty more, but I am getting impatient, plus you probably aren't getting a clear picture because of the resize. Well, once my site is up and running, you will see better pictures!

I fancy seed beads, I love all the wonderful things you can make with them. I try to keep them subtle and elegant.

Oh, pearls too. Not sure why, cause I never wear them.

Have to throw this in because I am sooooo excited! Tomorrow I am going to my 20 week ultrasound to find out if I am having a boy or a girl:yay:




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Thank you! I have been beading for about 9 years now, still have a lot to learn, but to my astonishment, have managed to teach myself most of what I know. I am totally pumped to launch this side of my biz. Having another babe is going to be tough!

Well, this is our last one, since I already have a boy- Isaac, I am hoping for a girl. I was not nearly as emotional over the gender last time. I am having wacko dreams about the ultrasound, and my old boss is the doctor who won't tell me the gender...crazy weird! I will post when I get home tomorrow!


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