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Bulk tea lights?


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I bought a couple molds from the classies, but candlewick sells them.

I use my regular 4630 container wax with TL-15 wicks and clear plastic cups you can buy as well. I've also just poured them into the cups myself as well.....I find them easy to make.

I get my cup and wicks from candle science because they are close to home, and the cheapest place i've found....not sure what shipping would cost you.

I use small dixie cups to pour them, till i got an old creamer tin pour pot thingy i use when pourng small amounts of wax. The made ones last longer, at least that's what i'm told by my customer who only buys tealights then the store bought ones, and she likes the smell better too.

I also sell them by the dozen at the same price yankme sells them for.

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tealights are easy to make. I sell and make a ton of them. I buy the cups from candle science and the wicks from wsp I use ecosoya PB wax in my tealights They last a long time and my customers love them. Check around and see if you can get the supplies shipped to you at a reasonable cost. Regina

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