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When do you consider a discount?


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I was recently contacted by a person who wanted to purchase candles from me to give to her customers and she wanted to know how many she needed to get a discount. As far as I know she hasn't purchased from me, however she could have at one of the stores I'm in.

What are your policies? A dollar amount? or a number? I'm not talking about wholesale here. At shows I do a two-fer or three-fer deal. I emailed this person with that info, but I think she was looking for more???? She hasn't emailed me back, however she's really not the reason. I need to have a policy for this. I have alot of policies down firm, but not discounts.

What are your ideas?

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Well, I would see how many she plans on buying first, and if this is just a one time deal or what. I have regular customers who purchase candles for others, and I give her 1 free 8 oz. candle for every 10 sold.

Maybe others can post their suggestions also.

Good Luck!

I just noticed, you are from Ohio also, and our join date here is the same!! LOL!!!

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