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Tortoise shell palm wax from CS

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I get this problem specifically with tortoise shell. I'm guessing the temp on my presto isn't right. For now what seems to work for me is melting the wax in a double boiler. As soon as it reaches the right temp I add the FO & color and pour. I don't let it sit very long at all at the 200 degree temp. (pour into heated molds) Then do everything else as normal.

I don't get this with Glass Glow, but I do with the tortoise shell. Maybe it doesn't like to sit at that high heat for long. (maybe it's this batch of wax) I have always thought the temp on my presto was fine, since the wax doesn't get over 200-maybe 205 degrees. But, I'm thinking of playing around a little with the temp. For now what seems to work is the stove top with a double boiler, PITA but it works.

Karen B

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