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Just wondering if anyone else does this

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I use soy for votives to make my tarts and had been wanting to try the souffle cups but have not had any luck around here finding any with the 5 on the bottom. My daughter has a friend that is a manager at Subway and they usually have excess of the 2 ozers. so she brought me a few hundred of them. What I am doing with these is pouring the wax in them, letting them set up and then removing to make the tarts like this. They look pretty cool this way. I then package in the poly pro bags.

I tried some of the 1 oz. cups I bought from someone thru the classy ads, didn't have the 5 on bottom of them but just wanted to see what would happen to them after sitting for a while. I know that others have said they would lose their scent so I just wanted to see how long it would take for this to happen. Let me be clear, I didn't doubt anyone that told me it would happen, I just wanted to see how long it would take. Not but about a week and they were not as strong as the day they were poured. It was just out of curiosity for doing this. The thing I guess that surprised me was the fact that not only did these lose the scent but, they ate right thru the bottom of the cups! I think that surprised me more than anything. I'm not that experienced working with plastics with waxes and oils so I just wanted to see what would happen. Now I know!

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