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NG Reindeer Poo Review!!


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Ok... The first Poo Review!! LOL

Anyhow... I like this one.

First I smell a sweet bubbly scent. Kinda reminds me of 7-up. Tickles the nose.santa cool

Then I smell the balsam/pine notes, followed by a light musk. (Which could be the patchouli in it)

Also smell a tad bit of ceaderwood..

Very nice holiday Scent..IMO

I poured it Yesterday - It has a great cold and Hot throw in 1 day!!!:yay:

Cured over night and burning in my family room now.

Filling the whole room and seeping down the hallway.

1.25oz/pp in soy. HTH..

I would love to hear others reviews of this Reindeer Poo!!santa chee

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I think it'd be cute to make reindeer (raisin shape) poo and put in cello bag

and if you can get the scrap booking supplies, there is a reindeer stamp

with a hole you cut out where belly area is and put the cello bag inside it. got the cute reindeer poop poem on it.

that would be a huge seller. just make sure they know it's not ediable LOL

I usually do this with marshmallow (for the snowman poop) and raisin (real ones)


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Yesterday I put this baby into my 50/50 mix. All I can say is WOW. The CT was great and The HT was just as good. I could smell the patchouli and some sandlewood . It smells like a woodsy scent to me. But this one is going into my christmas Line up. I also tried the Berry Bewitching Brew wich was a keeper also and my new favorite Black Linen and Amber. This one smells fatastic oob and in wax. :yay: Regina

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2 Thumbs up for reindeer poo!!!! It is awesome in paraffin. Smells very Christmas-ey (sp?) I have a couple of other reviews :

Acai Berry~~~~ Smells very good, very berry and wintery, great throw after 2 day cure ( NG)

Now, a review from Lone Star:

Vanilla Cotton~~~ this maybe my new fave, ohhhh, this smells sooo good. I can surely pick up the vanilla notes and the clean notes as well.

Almost forgot, Berry Bewitching Brew, NG, Winner!!!!! Awesome throw in paraffin :):yay:

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