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Electric candle ?


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Where do you get your bulbs, I'll bet the flickering ones look neat.

The place I bought the mold from said that I should use a 7w bulb. I'm going to make another one tonight but make it with less FO and see what happens.

Thanks for helping, maybe I need to get a 3w bulb instead.


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Hi Mindy,

I got my flickering bulbs from www.colonialtin.com

I've never used anything else - they are just beautiful with that flickering - I'm sure you would really like those better.....I honestly dont think its the FO - I think the bulb is just too powerful for that grubby - mine is pretty much the same size....if you want to try just one bulb from me; I do have them for sale on my website...(just a thought)

Hope that helps ya out any :highfive:

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