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Wax has cracks in it

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I poured my J50 like normal heated my jars @ 150 degrees poured my wax fo @ 1oz per pound let cure all day came home and they had cracks on top and some on sides as well. Smells great I want to take pics of them for an upcoming fundraiser brochure. I figured perhaps it is the temp in my house. I don't want to turn my heat on just yet I am in Pa and it was pretty cold yesterday was that my issue. I have used up 3.5 slabs of this same batch and no probs til now.

Thanks Steph

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Never heard of J-50 cracking. I use it mixed with some other things, and never had a problem. I heat to 200, add FO & additives, let cool to 150 & pour into a heated jar. The only thing I do that's different is I slow cool in cooling boxes. I make them from styrofoam insulation sheets, and candles put into the box take 8 hours to cool completely. I started this process because my work area is air conditioned in the summer, and naturally cool in the winter. (I live in PA also.) Never had a crack, but if mine cool too quickly, I get crusty looking patches on the sides as the wax shrinks in the jar. In the cooling boxes, I don't get that any longer. A sheet of insulation costs about $10.00, and makes 2 good sized boxes, including lids.


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