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CandleShack NT wick in EcoSoya PB wax


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Hello all

I'm quite new, have been "lurking" for about a month, reading the boards and benefiting from your collective wisdom :grin2:

I wonder if you could help me with something please? This is probably going to sound like a very stupid question, for which I apologise! I have read that the smaller NT wicks (NT16, NT20) are successful in ESPB candles up to 65mm. Should I take it that the larger NT wicks aren't suitable for ESPB wax, or am I reading too much into it?! :confused:

Thank you!

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I would take those as suggested wick starting points for 65mm diameter and under candles. If they have larger wicks, then those would be used for larger diameter candles. I haven't heard of any wick not being suitable in a certain kind of wax, though some are preferred over others. Of course, in your testing, you may find their suggestions to be a bit (or more than a bit) off.

Hope that helps, as I'm not familiar with NT wicks or ESPB wax, but it shouldn't make a difference with the answer.

Welcome to boards! Good to have you!

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