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small body poufs?

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Does anyone know who or where I can purchase small body poufs....I found some at dollar tree that were perfect for my flowering loofah soaps...but now I am out and cannot find the small ones? I have searched all the Dollar trees in my area but cannot find them... They were a 6 pak of assorted colors for 1.00 which came out to about .16 each. I am soo afraid I will have to stop selling these if I cannot find them at a low cost again.



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They had them at our dollar tree last week. I would be happy to go look again tomorrow and get you some if you need.


OH WOW that would be GREAT if you were able too...... just pm me and I can arrange payment/shipping etc.....i have been to just about every dollar tree and only finding one or two here and there and my mother has been too......

the ones on dollar tree direct are too big but thanks anyway!

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