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Tackiness & P20


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To me, the glycerin is your culprit. It's a humectant, meaning it's drawing moisture from the air to your skin, in turn giving that "tacky" feeling. How much is your recipe? Is this for one bottle of spray?

See, that's why I just stick to cyclo and I'm done with it. lol No mixing. :P

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Now mind you two different scents, but with the glyc. I had a clear spray. Turns out the recipe makes about 7 of the 2 oz sprayers. I still felt a little tacky on the one without, but then I added .5 oz of aloe juice to it and it wasn't so bad, even with a little cyclo, but it will be one of those things that has to be shaken all the time. The glyc., I read, was to help with being moisturizing as well as extending scent.

Here's the recipe

12 oz. distilled water

1/2 oz. vegetable glycerin

1/2 teaspoon potassium sorbate

2 oz. polysorbate 20

1 1/4 tsp fragrance (which is .25 oz of FO)

That was the recipe for the clear stuff. Won't give it for cloudy unless, CBE, you're in the swap.

Then you can read my label lol.

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I dont know if this will make a difference...but I much prefer the Polysorbate 80 on my recipies instead of the PS20. I dont use it in sprays, but I can tell the difference in my scrubs when all I have is PS20 instead of the PS80.

I have the same feeling as everyone else here...I think it is the glycerine. I cut it way back in my lotion and Body Butter also and it reduced the tackiness.

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So what's the diff you notice between PS20 and PS80? Kim, are you doing sprays?

I was trying to stay away from buying bases, but I also am not going to live forever lol. Also going to try PS20 at 1:1 ratio with FO and see how that goes. May keep me from running out of 16 oz of the stuff arg.

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