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Flavor oil question

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I just ordered some lip tubes and flavor oils from lipbalmtubes.com. I ordered lemon cheesecake and brown sugar and neither one of them have any flavor. OOB they smell great, but oob they taste like alcohol. What am I doing wrong. In lip balm they really do nothing. HELP

Here is my recipe. Could the unrefined cocoa butter have something to do with it.

1/2oz cocoa butter

1/2oz beeswax

1/2oz SAO

1 capsule vit E

2.5 ml flavor oil

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Is the flavor oil presweetened? Sounds like if you can smell them but not taste them, there's no sweetener in it.

I read that lip balm "taste" is a trick of the nose. OOB, flavor oils are NASTY - and it'll take HOURS to get that god awful taste off your tongue (and guess how I would know). Even the tiniest drop is disgusting. The flavor oils are sweetened, but scented. When you taste the sugar and smell the flavor, it tricks you into believing you are licking brown sugar.

ETA: Yep, just checked for ya instead - These flavor oils are oil soluble and unsweetened.


You'll need to add some sweetener.

ETAA: http://lipbalmtubes.com/Sweetener-pr-48.html

They have cosmetic grade sweetener but it's out of stock.

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Nothing is wrong with the flavor oils, flavor oils are just fragrance oils that are lip safe. Unless they have sweetener added, then they will just taste bitter, all of them I have are like that. Just add sweetener and the lip balms will taste better. I personally don't like sweeteners in my lip balms because they make you lick your lips too much, therefore resulting in dryer lips, so I just add the unsweetened flavor oils. Never had a complaint.

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Actually, with the Lemon Cheesecake, I find that I don't need a sweetener at all to get the scent (haven't tried the brown sugar yet). At about 6% (double the posted recommended usage rate) you should be smelling these in your balms.

It states pretty clearly right on the product page that your flavor oils won't "taste". Few "flavor oils" do.

I use these oils "to taste" myself. Just add a bit at a time until they seem right. Is it possible you're using too much?

I wish I could be more help...

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