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For home use, I want to make sachets, what ingredients lying around can I use?


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Not to sell, but to make for myself, I need sachets to throw in my gym bag, sock drawer, etc. I have tons of oils, but no clue what I can stuff in these little tulle baggies I have.

No potpourri or aromabeads on hand, anything else I can use? I was thinking of scenting paper towels and stuffing them in the baggies. Any better ideas? Would raw oatmeal work?

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I would have an aversion to using food stuff like oats or rice to be stored in closets, gym bags, shoes, etc., due to the possibility of attracting bugs.

Why not use powdered detergent or maybe baking soda? You can put those in an ordinary envelope and seal it. Or, you could pour some in a paper towel, glue it shut, and place it inside a fabric "envelope" you make from old clothing or other fabric scraps to make it pretty.

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Salt, especially the larger crystals of Kosher salts or rock salt, takes scent well.

I usually add FO to a jar of salt, shake and let it soak in, then transfer to a small cloth bag. The muslin tea bags or organza bridal favors-type bags work well for me.

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