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Calwax CB3 vs. Nature Wax C-3

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Hi Sharon,

I have used the CB-3 extensively but now have to discontinue it. The supplier that you found most likely still has a batch that is from a previous price. Calwax CB-3 from Calwax is currently running $157 a case (it varies like stock) and that is straight from Calwax themselves. The pricing can change on and off but right now that is a estimate at this time....last I checked with them. That price is nuts! Swan's will no longer carry it for this reason. It was $80 a case and at one time it was $58 a case.

I chose CB-3 way back when because I could get it close to me and to me it had a better scent throw than some of the other soys I tried. I am not saying that the C-3 does not have a good scent throw, but percentage wise I had more luck with the throw with the CB-3. However, CB-3 frosts horrible when colored but is worse in colder environments like where I live. I had to go colorless. C-3 did not frost as bad for me. I had hidden air pockets with the CB-3 so I have to do repours. I hate this but ever since those two times, I do not trust it so I rather be safe than sorry. Often when I poke holes in the 16 oz. apothecaries, I do poke into air pockets. This can be more of a problem in colder weather as well. I am not sure about C-3 for this problem because I did not test it long enough.

If you are looking for a soy that colors well without a lot of frost, CB-3 is not the one. It does have a great throw though for a soy....when the right oils are found like most soys. I am not sure if the cost will improve over time, so that is definitely a factor. I am extremely bummed and disgusted that I have to look for another soy and test all my fragrances again and learn the wicking. What a pain in the neck!

Good luck and I hope I helped a bit. :)


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