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Using Micas in Lip Balm Base?

Toni S.

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I've ordered all my lip balm supplies including several micas for tinting and was wondering how much mica do I use? I know it depends on the amount of base I'll be using and I know the Mica's are very concentrated BUT can someone give me a ball park figure on where to start? Appreciate any advice I can get. This will be my first time at lip balms...............


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I have measuring spoons that are a smidgen dash, pinch, etc. I use the smidgen for most of them. It gives it color but doesn't color the lips.

the dash spoon is designed to hold exactly 1/8 teaspoon, which is roughly 0.02 fluid ounce

"pinch" is designed to hold exactly 1/2 dash or 1/16 teaspoon, which is roughly 0.01 fluid ounce

"smidgen," is designed to hold exactly 1/2 pinch or 1/32 teaspoon, which is roughly 0.005 fluid ounce

the tablespoon is equal to 1/2 fluid ounce

U.S. teaspoon is equal to 1/3 tablespoon this is equivalent to 1/6 fluid ounce

ETA: This is for a batch that makes 10- .15 tubes

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