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Guest LightofDawn

Peaks and Candlescience are my two favorites in soy. Candlescience has a leaf rating system for soy and so far it has been right on for me.

ETA: I use Naturewax C3

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i have also found candlescience's rating system to be dead on. i use gb415 soywax. these have throwen great for me

cranberry marmalade

odor eliminator

hansel & gretel's house

golden rose


i also have to agree about millcreek's fo's. never had one that didn't throw & i use most all of them. some awesome ones to try

chestnuts & brown sugar

berry creme brulee

sweet orange & chili pepper


clothesline fresh

creme brulee

lilac breeze

cozy home

there are alot more, but these are some of my favorites.

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Good to know....I am trying Millcreek..Candlescience won't let me order online..so I went with millcreek, gonna try out the following....

Artic Air

Autumn/Seasoned Sage

Baby Powder Fresh

Berry Creme Brulee

Cherry Lemonade

Creamy Dreamcicle

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Green Bamboo

Pink Bubblicious

Vanilla Chai

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