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Lotion bar recipe with hydrogenated veggie oils?


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I'd love to use some of my coffee butter and green tea butters in a lotion bar recipe. They are extracts in hydrogenated veggie oil bases, I was thinking of mixing it with shea, cocoa and beeswax, but how would I figure out the proportions? Would I need any additional carrier oils? Is beeswax needed, or just cocoa? The hydrogenated veggie oil throws me . . .

Any ideas before I start testing?

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hydrogenated veggie oil is just solid soybean oil. like crisco but without the added cottonseed oil. There is a lotion bar recipe that is posted a few posts down in the recipes section that uses soybean wax, which is also hydrogenated soybean oil (just a bit more hydrogentated to make it firmer) and shea butter. Start with that recipe and tweek it.

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